Commit fcc62dcb authored by Matthias Uschok's avatar Matthias Uschok
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Update SSH server dns name default value

parent dcb04c8f
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@
<string name="pref_ssh_key_title">SSH Key</string>
<string name="pref_ssh_key_edit_title">Edit SSH Key …</string>
<string name="pref_ssh_server_title">SSH Server</string>
<string name="pref_ssh_server_default" translatable="false"></string>
<string name="pref_ssh_server_default" translatable="false">powerberry.s0</string>
<string name="pref_ssh_user_open_title">Opening user</string>
<string name="pref_ssh_user_open_default" translatable="false">auf</string>
<string name="pref_ssh_user_close_title">Closing user</string>
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